Policy of confidence
Your confidentiality is very important to us. We want your work on the Internet is most pleasant and fruitful, and so that you could access the widest range information, instruments and possibilities, which the Internet offers. Members’ personal information gathered on registration (or at any other time) is used specifically to relate Products and Services to Your needs. Your information will not be forwarded or sold to a third party. However, we reserve the right to partially uncover personal information in special cases described in the given Policy of confidentiality.
Scope of Confidentiality Policy
The current policy of confidentiality (hereafter — Policy) is applied to information received through a given website, other sites, widgets and other interactive sources, which contain a link to this Policy (hereafter — Site) from users of the Site (hereafter — Users).
Below are rules which describe how the Synergy Global handles any given information relatable directly or indirectly to a specific physical person (subject of Personal data) (hereafter — Personal data) with the aim to provide services using the Site as aid.
Users include all real persons, who are connected to and use the Site.
Users agree to processing their Personal data, as is mentioned in the current Policy. Processing infers any action (procedure) or a combination of operations (procedures) conducted by means of automated tools implemented on Personal data, or any other means like fee collection, sign-up, systematization, saving, storage, updates (renewals and changes), extraction, usage, sharing (distribution, provision, access), blocking, and deletion of Personal data.
The current Policy is in place since March 3, 2016.
Monitoring and processing personnel
Users agree that:
  • They use the Site, and by accepting the terms of use, published on the Site, the User agrees to processing of Personal data by default, by means specified in the current Policy.
  • Processing of Users’ Personal data is performed by the Operator of Personal data, namely the Synergy Global
Reasons for gathering this data
The name is used for addressing you personally, the e-mail for providing you with updates, news from trainings, useful materials, commercial offers. You can refuse from this mailing service and have your personal information deleted from the database at any moment by clicking the link for sign-up cancelation found within every received e-mail.
Gathering of Personal data
Upon registering on the Site Users agree to the terms of use to the current Policy and to processing of their Personal data in relation to the current Policy. In addition, Users agree to the processing of their Personal data on the Synergy Global servers, situated within the Europe. The time taken to process these data does not exceed the required amount, as stated in the Policy. The Synergy Global may process the following personal information:
  • e-mail address and other contact information;
  • messages sent vie the Site and messages addressed to the Synergy Global;
  • other information regarding the interaction of the User with the Site of Synergy Global, statistical results for visitations to the Synergy Global Website, as well as open content on programs and gadgets used for such access.
  • additional information, which the Synergy Global requests from Users with the aim to verify their identity.
How these data are used
The Site uses Cookies and information about the users of the Google Analytics service. Using these resources, the User’s behavioral picture on the Website is composed with the aim to improve its content, functionality, and as a result, creating quality content and services for visitors. You are free to change the settings of your browser to block all cookie files or to notify of their sending. Please note that doing this may cause some functions and services to work incorrectly.
How these data are protected
In order to protect your personal information, we employ several administrative, managerial and technical safety measures. Our Company abides by several standards of quality control, directed at handling personal information. These also entice specific measures of protecting information gathered on the Internet. Our staff are trained to understand and execute these control measures, they have been familiarized with the Notice of confidentiality, norms and instructions. Nevertheless, our efforts at securing Your personal information aside, we also advise that You too take measures to keep this information safe. We earnestly recommend that you take all the proper precautions when surfing the Internet. The services and web-sites organized by us ensure protection from siphoning off, unsanctioned usage and changing of information, which we control. Even though we are doing everything possible to ensure integrity and security of our web and systems, we cannot guarantee that our measures will deflect hackers and other forms of illegal access to this information.